NeoSCI Overview

Hands-on Lab Investigations for Grades 7-10

Now sold exclusively through Frey Scientific! Invite students to learn about their world with an innovative approach that makes science engaging, current, and comprehensible. Our exclusive NeoSCI® curriculum modules integrate hands-on activities with the latest lab technology—a winning combination for students and teachers alike.

The Support You Need for Excellent Outcomes

Explore the latest in science—including genomics, advanced electrophoretic separation technology, forensic DNA profile analysis, and more. NeoSCI curriculum modules link to core science concepts, making them an ideal complement to existing curricula. For maximum flexibility, individual labs are also sold separately, along with activity models and informative classroom posters.

Safety in Your Lab

The safety of you and your students is paramount. Both the Teacher and Student Guides have safety instructions at the beginning for each lab. Warning labels are included throughout the Student Guide, so students are aware of proper lab safety, including reading cautions on all bottles they handle in the lab.

  • Safety instructions begin each investigation
  • Clear warnings for students
  • Safety and disposal guidelines in both Student and Teacher Guides