Curriculum Modules

Curriculum Modules



  • Cellular World
  • Kingdom of Life
  • Human Biology and Health
  • Genetics and Inheritance
  • Biotechnology Techniques
  • Biotechnology Applications


  • Earth's Resources
  • Environmental Issues and Solutions


  • Physical Science Series I
  • Physical Science Series II
  • Chemistry—A Closer Look at Matter
  • Forensic Science

Each module comprises 4–8 lab investigations that investigate major themes. For each lab, you receive a comprehensive Teacher Guide, a reproducible Student Guide, and materials for up to 40 students in easy-to-store boxes. For maximum flexibility, individual labs are also sold separately.

Student Guide

  • Reproducible pages for continued use
  • Learning objectives
  • Complete background information

Teacher Guide

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Assessment questions and answers
  • Cross-curricular integration
  • Time requirements for each activity
  • Pre-lab set-up instructions
  • Materials list, including any additional materials needed