Science in a Nutshell

Science in a Nutshell example

Out-of-the-box Active Learning Experiences

Introduce, review, and reinforce important science and engineering concepts with Science in a Nutshell, published by Delta Education. Students explore and discover science concepts and processes through inquiry and hands-on learning. Fun, meaningful activities are designed for student-directed individual or small-group learning.

Your students will:

  • Boost understanding of key life, earth, and physical science concepts and skills
  • Prepare for standardized testing through practice with science questions and manipulatives
  • Engage in meaningful science activities that encourage cooperation and collaboration
  • Develop critical 21st Century Skills with opportunities to think “out-of-the-box”

Thematic Science Clusters

Nutshell Clusters are thematic class units comprised of 4–6 complementary Science in a Nutshell titles in one self-contained plastic container. Each Cluster is a powerful science unit that includes the materials and activities from related Nutshell titles to turn your classroom into a complete science center. Plus, each Cluster comes with a comprehensive Teacher Guide to help you create and manage multiple science stations for your whole class.

  Life Science Earth Science Physical Science