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Nutshells for Small Group Learning

Out-of-the-box Active Learning Experiences

Get your students to think outside the box! Science in a Nutshell and Math in a Nutshell provide engaging active learning activities for your students in grades 2-6. Students gain confidence learning about money and counting in a classroom “store,” and make scale models of the earth and sun to better understand the universe.

The 45 science titles and 18 math titles each come with unique consumable materials—making them perfect for makerspaces, after school programs, or science centers. Each Nutshell can be purchased separately to reinforce a specific topic, or you can choose from thematically grouped titles for a holistic classroom approach.

Nutshells are perfect for:

  • Makerspaces
  • After school programs
  • Summer school
  • Classroom science centers
  • Homeschool lessons
  • Science club
  • Teacher demonstrations
  • Independent study

What’s in a Nutshell?

  • 7-12 game-based activities
  • Quality materials for up to 4 students
  • A Student Activity Guide
  • Student Activity Journals
  • Consumable materials for 4-6 users

Science in a Nutshell

Science Nutshell

Introduce, review, and reinforce important science and engineering concepts.

Math in a Nutshell

Math Nutshell

Sharpen, review, and reinforce important math concepts.