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Welcome to the CPO Science Technical Support Pages. Here you will find useful information pertaining to our equipment and technology for our current programs and products no longer part of the CPO Science offering.

Feel free to browse the links below to find technical tips, FAQ's, set-up instructions, and images of our equipment.

Of course, if at any time you need to speak with somebody regarding a technical issue, you may also contact technical support directly at our home office.

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Investigation Updates for Physics A First Course, 2nd Edition

Any variations in answers will be available the second week of November.

Investigation 1.2: Speed 396 K Download
Investigation 1.3: Experiments and Variables 138 K Download
Investigation 2.1: Position, Speed, and Velocity 189 K Download
Investigation 2.2: Position, Velocity, and Time Graphs 244 K Download
Investigation 2.3: Accelerated Motion 104 K Download
Investigation 3.1: The Law of Inertia 193 K Download
Investigation 3.2: The Second Law: Force, Mass and Acceleration 240 K Download
Investigation 3.3: Free Fall 188 K Download
Investigation 5.1: Working with Force Vectors 491 K Download
Investigation 5.2: Equilibrium of Forces and Hooke's Law 211 K Download
Investigation 18.1: Harmonic Motion and the Pendulum 137 K Download
Answer Sheets (Zipped Word files) 193 K Download
Investigation Updates for Foundations of Physics, 2nd Edition

Any variations in answers will be available the second week of November.

Investigation 3.1: Position, Speed, and Velocity 289 K Download
Investigation 3.2: Position, Velocity, and Time Graphs 273 K Download
Investigation 3.3: Equations of Motion 257 K Download
Investigation 4.1: Acceleration 218 K Download
Investigation 4.2: Accelerated Motion 178 K Download
Investigation 4.3: Free Fall 216 K Download
Investigation 5.1: The First Law: The Law of Inertia 164 K Download
Investigation 5.2: The Second Law: Force, Mass, and Acceleration 246 K Download
Investigation 6.2: Friction 146 K Download
Investigation 6.3: Equilibrium of Forces and Hooke's Law 265 K Download
Investigation 11.1: Efficiency 242 K Download
Investigation 13.1: Harmonic Motion 194 K Download
Answer Sheets (Zipped Word files) 193 K Download
Older Programs
Air Cap Data Sheet 242 K Download
Atwood's Apparatus Equipment Sheet 674 K Download
Bridge Data Sheet 500 K Download
Buoyancy Blocks Data Sheet 314 K Download
Data Collector 2 User's Guide 872 K Download
Data Collector 2e User's Guide 3.72 MB Download
Digital Multimeter Data Sheet 92 K Download
Displacement Tank Data Sheet 789 K Download
Distance/Velocity Sensor Data Sheet 188 K Download
Dynamic Pulleys Setup Instructions 314 K Download
Electromagnet Pack Data Sheet 1.1 MB Download
Food Web Data Sheet 387 K Download
Gas Pressure Sensor Instruction Sheet 137 K Download
Gears & Levers Data Sheet 177 K Download
Gravity Drop Data Sheet 558 K Download
Heat Capacity Bricks Setup Instructions 129 K Download
Oscillating Mass Data Sheet 211 K Download
Physics Stand Data Sheet 96 K Download
Ripcord Generator Data Sheet 1.76 MB Download
Rock Specimens Data Sheet 181 K Download
Rocks & Minerals Data Sheet 100 K Download
Solar Cell with Motor Data Sheet 126 K Download
Sound & Waves User's Guide 2246 K Download
Spinner Setup Instructions 209 K Download
Springs & Swings Setup Instructions 314 K Download
Stage Data Sheet 155 K Download
Static Electricity Box Data Sheet 111 K Download
Stream Table Assembly Instructions 348 K Download
Temperature Sensor Data Sheet 379 K Download
Timer IIe User's Guide 646 K Download
Tri-Force Ring Setup Instructions 256 K Download
Voltage Sensor Data Sheet 132 K Download