Tech Support: Light & Optics



Helpful Tips

  • Try energizing the phosphorescent paper with the different colored LEDs. You will be amazed at the results!
  • Try placing a warm coffee cup or a cold soda can on the glowing phosphorescent paper and see what happens!
  • The colored LEDs, laser, magnifying lenses, and mirror block all have magnets that will stick to the white board for ease of use.


Q: My school has banned laser pointers. How can I justify using the laser provided in the kit?

A: The laser provided with the kit is VERY low-milliwatt, and will not harm students. Using the concentrated beam of light provided by the laser is the best way to study how light behaves. When explained in such a way to a building principal, We haven't met one yet that would restrict classroom use of lasers. If you have a principal that won't allow teacher-led use of a low milliwatt laser pointer, we would be glad to provide assistance.

Q: Why isn't the spectrometer included in the light and optics kit?

A: This item is sold separately because it is not needed for all of the light and optics investigations. The kit does come with diffraction glasses. If you want to do quantitative analysis of light sources, the Project STAR spectrometer works very well, and can be purchased separately.