Tech Support: CPO Timer IIe



Helpful Tips

  • Do NOT use any other AC adapter with the CPO Timer II other than the one that is supplied by CPO Science. If any other adapter is used, the timer and photogates will sustain significant damage that is not covered under warranty.
  • If you are need of a timer cord in a hurry, you can use any standard phone cord (available at your local Radio Shack).
    CAUTION: Computer data cables have the same (RJ-11) connectors and look like telephone cords, but are wired differently. (See page 5 of the Timer reference guide for a diagram). USING A DATA CABLE WILL RUIN THE PHOTOGATES and will cause damage to your photogates that is not covered under warranty.
  • Do not over tighten the thumbscrew of your photogate. It will cause the light emitter/receiver to go out of alignment therefore causing the photogate to malfunction.
  • If photogate or timer is not working properly please make sure to check all of the cords and the AC adapter, also always be sure your battery is fresh (if using one). Using 2 photogates drains batteries fast and low power battery will cause the photogates to work improperly.
  • Your CPO Science Timer II Instruction Manual is an excellent resource. Of course you may always contact


Q: Do the Timer and Photogates have to be ordered separately, or do they come with each piece of equipment?

A: Our equipment kits--Physical Science, Physical Science Plus, Physics and Physical Science with Earth and Space Science--each come with one timer. When the equipment modules that require the Timer and Photogates are purchased individually, the Timer II with Photogates is sold separately.

Q: Will the timer unit work with other photogates besides CPO Science and vice versa?

A: Our equipment is not interchangeable with equipment from other manufacturers.