Tech Support: Car & Ramp



Helpful Tips

  • When using two photogates with the car and ramp, be sure to place photogate A higher on the ramp than photogate B, so the car breaks the A beam first!
  • The best use for the ramp "foot" is when you want to place the ramp in the lowest position on the physics stand and experiment with a "level" ramp.
  • Try this: remove the ramp from the stand, and hold it straight up and down so it is perpendicular to the floor. Now, drop the car! You can study free fall this way, and the car will stop at the end of the track and will not fall off! NOTE: Be sure to keep hands and feet away from the ramp when doing this; the car is heavy!
  • The ramp may be placed at any level on the physics stand.
  • Please be sure to place photogates flush against the edge of the ramp so the 5 cm wing on the car will trigger the light beam.


Q:The little rubber o-rings on the wheel of the car have worn down, can I purchase new ones?

A: You can purchase the o-rings and many other replacement parts for the car and ramp by clicking the replacement parts link above.

Q: Can I increase the mass of the car?

A: We offer weights specifically for the car and ramp.

Q:The timer did not seem to register any activity when the car went down the ramp. What do you think may be the problem?

A: First make sure your timer is plugged in and turned on. The switch on the timer control unit should be in the down position. If you are not using the AC adapter and powering by batteries instead, please make sure the batteries are fresh. Check A and B buttons to make sure they are activated (Indictaed by the green light below each button). Make sure that photogates are attached to the right side of the ramp. In other words the same side as the black knob. Also make sure the wing of the car passes through the photogates.