Tech Support: Air Rocket



Helpful Tips

  • Use only one-liter plastic bottles for the rocket. The clamp is not equipped to safely secure larger or smaller bottles.
  • Under no circumstances should the rocket be launched without the safety zone set up properly. Serious injury could result.
  • Be sure all observers present during the operation of the Air Rocket are wearing safety glasses.
  • Using a bit of Vaseline on the rubber stopper will help to make pushing the nozzle of the bottle on the stopper easier.
  • When preparing the Rocket to launch, remember you can align the bottle opening to the rubber stopper by adjusting the cables on the rocket arm and by moving the launcher tower.
  • Make sure that the arms that hold the bottle on the stopper are grabbing the bottle by the larger ring of the bottle where the cap would bottom out if screwed on.
  • Remember to check the placement of the photogates to make sure that the desired section of the flag on the bottom of the rocket breaks the photogate beam.
  • It is fun to experiment with different home-made nose cones to see the effect they have on the rocket's flight.


Q: I noticed that the Air Rocket Curriculum Resource Guide comes is included with the purchase of the Air Rocket. Is that the standard for all of your equipment pieces?

A: The Air Rocket is the only equipment module that includes the Curriculum Resource Guide.

Q: Can you use any standard bicycle pump to pressurize the Air Rocket?

A: The Air Rocket already comes with its own pump that has a special adapter on it just for use with the Air Rocket. If necessary a standard pump can be modified to accept the adapter that came on the original pump.

Q: How does the Air Rocket work?

A: Pressure in the rocket means that air molecules are packed more tightly together inside the rocket than outside. At launch, the density of the molecules tries to equalize, resulting in a supersonic jet of air rushing out of the opening of the rocket.