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At CPO Science, we believe that mastering science comes from doing science. We know that reading a chapter about convection isn’t going to excite your students—but when they create their own convection cell, their engagement leads to better retention of the science concepts they read about.

Whether you’re looking for a full curriculum program to teach year-round, or a supplemental one to fill the gaps in an existing program, CPO Science can help meet your classroom needs.

This site provides information about using CPO Science programs to meet the Next Generation Science Standards and help all students in California succeed with the new Three-Course Model.

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California teachers and students receive lifetime access to online resources for CPO Science via—no annual subscription! Online-only resources enhance each investigation. Animations, science content videos, whiteboard resources, and student reading reinforce and extend lesson concepts.

To experience the full offerings for our recommended programs for California, click on the button below for FREE trial access:

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Physical, Earth, and Space Science

Recommended Supplemental Curriculum

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