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Arkansas Standards of Excellence for Science

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We are very excited that Arkansas is reviewing CPO Science Teaching and Learning Systems. These complete curriculum systems feature highly accessible, inquiry-based student texts, exciting hands-on lab investigations as well as multimedia content—all supported by comprehensive teacher resources.

This site provides information about using CPO Science core and supplemental programs to meet Arkansas' K-12 Science Standards and help all students in Arkansas succeed in science with differentiated learning strategies.

Access CuriosityPlace

Arkansas teachers and students receive lifetime access to online resources for CPO Science via—no annual subscription! Online-only resources enhance each investigation. Animations, science content videos, whiteboard resources, and student reading reinforce and extend lesson concepts.

Foundations of Physical Science

Foundations of Physics, Second Edition

Physics a First Course

Physical, Earth, and Space Science

CPO Science Link Supplemental Curriculum

CPO Science Link Crazy Traits

CPO Science Link Crazy Chromosomes

CPO Science Link GeoBox