Upgrade Info for Current CRG Users

The next generation of hands-on investigation is here!

[Old CRG to Link Components image from Upgrade email]

We are pleased to introduce you to a new generation of award-winning science and engineering investigations and innovative digital learning experiences for CPO Science equipment. The CPO Science Link Teacher's Guide with Digital Access provides you with lifetime access to a host of new physical and digital resources.

What's new in the CPO Science Link Program:

  • More award-winning investigations at three levels — 15-20 per title
  • NGSS and STEM connections for every investigation
  • Perpetual access to all course resources and multimedia online — no more CDs
  • Create class access to student resources
  • Several investigations are tablet-enabled for 1:1 classrooms
  • Additional teacher support features
  • Two all-new titles! Crazy Chromosomes and Wind Turbine