Technology-Enhanced Investigations

Technology-Enhanced Investigations

Several investigations in each title are enhanced with a technology feature for 1:1 classrooms, using the LEARN Augmented Reality or Exploros apps. Harness the power of collaborative learning experiences in the science classroom as students become active participants in unique smartphone- and tablet-based interactions.

Link provides permanent access to each experience—no annual subscription!

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) does what its name implies: it adds content into the real world. Images or markers (called triggers) in the real world are made scannable, to be read by a mobile device. The triggers give the viewer the option to engage with or view additional information digitally. In the classroom, this allows students to experience lessons in 3D right from a smartphone or tablet.

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Phone with LE<strong>AR</strong>N app being held over book

Using AR, students interact with the concept of photosynthesis.

LEARN Augmented Reality

Link harnesses this power using School Specialty's new LEARN app—titles like Energy Quest allow students to interact with the three-dimensional nature of living systems and their processes. Students can also manipulate variable to understand inputs and outputs, and discover the nature of systems.

  • Students explore and interact with three-dimensional living systems
  • Manipulate variables to understand inputs and outputs
  • Used independently in investigations or collaboratively during game play
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Teachers and students can view responses and provide feedback


Exploros is another app used in Link titles to enhance learning and encourage collaboration. With Exploros, teachers can access a powerful student progress dashboard enabling them to receive and respond to student work in real time.

  • Students build group word clouds and respond to polls and questions
  • Post pictures and videos of investigations in progress
  • Real-time progress monitoring for formative assessment

Used in the following titles: Car and Ramp, Chemistry Models, Colliding Pendulum, Crazy Chromosomes, Crazy Traits, Electric Circuits, Electric Motor, Energy Car, GeoBox, Gravity Drop, Marble Launcher, Optics with Light and Color, Rollercoasters, Simple Machines, Wave Models, Wind Turbine.