Teacher's Guide and Investigations

Award-winning investigations and complete teacher support with access to in-depth digital resources

[Wind Turbine Teacher's Guide]

CPO Science Link™ series Teacher’s Guides provide complete lesson support to help you address STEM and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Every title includes 18-20 hands-on, inquiry-based investigations for use with our unique, classroom-tested equipment.

Support differentiated instruction with three levels of investigations for middle and high school students

CPO Science Link series investigations are available at three levels of difficulty to ensure that all students can participate successfully in the program. This gives teachers the flexibility to:

  • Implement differentiated learning strategies
  • Challenge each student at his or her pace
  • Teach effectively in a multilevel classroom
  • Use one curriculum for different grades or classes

Your Link series Teacher’s Guide also grants perpetual lifetime access to online course material and multimedia at CuriosityPlace.com along with all future updates and content expansions. You'll also receive lifetime access to engaging smartphone- and tablet-based collaborative learning experiences, powered by LEARN Augmented Reality and Exploros.

  Activities Goals Math Skills
Level A Simple experiments with two variables Build confidence, practice teamwork Multiplication, division, ratios
Level B Use measurement to discover scientific laws; apply scientific practices Further explore concepts and apply to new situations Intro algebra, simple geometry, functions, graphing
Level C Deduction of science laws through experimental and theoretical analysis Extend and reinforce problem solving and application skills Algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and calculus concepts

Lesson Support

  • Key questions focus investigation learning
  • Lesson overviews reduce prep time
  • NGSS connections provide quick coverage references
  • Online resources extend lessons for lasting understanding

Teacher Support

  • Science background information refreshes concepts for teachers
  • A complete 5E lesson plan structures the investigation
  • “Guiding the Investigation” tips support inquiry-based investigation
  • Annotated student sheets provide easy access to answers
  • STEM Connections highlight real-world applications

Guides also include...

  • Title overview chart with learning goals, key questions, and vocabulary for each investigation
  • Complete NGSS and CCSS alignment summary
  • Student response sheet masters
  • Engineering design log masters

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