CPO Science Link

Award-winning hands-on science investigations for middle and high school students

Engage your students and boost understanding of key concepts with hands-on science and engineering investigations and innovative digital learning experiences from CPO Science, a member of the School Specialty family. Four components combine to make the CPO Science Link series a powerful tool for advancing student understanding.

Click the image below to explore each program component:

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Enhance your existing curriculum with CPO Science Link™

Educators often find that their major core curriculum program has gaps that lead to poor science test scores. Link has been correlated to many major programs and can help you close those gaps to:

  • Increase student engagement
  • Promote a deeper understanding of science concepts
  • Accommodate differentiated instruction
  • Connect to STEM for college and career readiness
  • Prepare students for the Next Generation Science Standards

Whether you're looking for an engaging, student-centered supplement to a traditional core curriculum program, or building your own alternative curriculum, Link has the tools and support you need to drive student achievement.