Middle School Physical Science

After you use CPO Science hands-on lab equipment, you’ll wonder how you taught motion, forces, matter, the atom, or Newton’s laws with textbooks alone. Exciting modules such as Car and Ramp and Pendulum are fully integrated into active investigation activities, student, reading, and teacher support.

Student Textbook

Cover of Physical Science textbook

Sample page from Physical Science textbook

Landscape “one-concept” page spreads and full-color graphics enhance learning and retention.

Hardcover: 474 pages

  • Unit 1: The Physical Sciences
    • Chapter 1: What Physics and Chemistry Are About
    • Chapter 2: Science and Measurement
  • Unit 2: Motion and Force
    • Chapter 3: Motion
    • Chapter 4: Forces
  • Unit 3: Laws of Motion and Energy
    • Chapter 5: Newton’s Laws of Motion
    • Chapter 6: Energy and Machines
    • Chapter 7: Gravity and Space
  • Unit 4: Electricity, Sound, and Light
    • Chapter 8: Electricity and Magnetism
    • Chapter 9: Waves and Sound
    • Chapter 10: Light and Color
  • Unit 5: Matter
    • Chapter 11: Temperature, Heat, and the Phases of Matter
    • Chapter 12: The Physical Properties of Matter
  • Unit 6: Atoms and Elements
    • Chapter 13: The Atom
    • Chapter 14: Elements and the Periodic Table
    • Chapter 15: Molecules and Compounds
  • Unit 7: Changes in Matter
    • Chapter 16: Acids, Bases, and Solutions
    • Chapter 17: Chemical Reactions
    • Chapter 18: The Chemistry of Living Systems

Investigation Manual

Students learn best through direct experience and discovery.
Softcover: 132 pages

  • 36 hands-on investigations (two per chapter) and 8 lab skills activities
  • Completely integrated with readings in student text and teacher’s guide
  • Students design and conduct experiments; construct and test conclusions; observe results; and gather, record, and analyze data
  • Key questions begin each investigation to focus the student on major concepts
Cover of Physical Science Investigation Manual
Page from Physical Science Investigation Manual

Equipment Kit

Hands-On Equipment—High-quality, specially designed solid wood equipment brings a completely new level of excitement into your classroom.

Equipment Kit

Kit Includes:

  1. Car and Ramp
  2. Rollercoaster
  3. Pendulum
  4. Ropes and Pulleys
  5. Atom Building Game
  6. Electric Circuits
  7. Displacement Tank
  8. Density Cubes
  9. Timer
  10. Timer Cords
  11. Photogates
  12. Spring Scales
  13. Periodic Table Tiles
  14. Color Mixing Set (Not shown)
  15. Physics Stand and Base

Program Components

Middle School Physical Science
Part No. ISBN Description  
1577351 978-1-62571-854-9 Student Book Set—Printed Version
(Includes 1 Student Text and 1 Investigations Manual)
1577364 978-1-62571-866-2 Student Book Set—Online Version
1576054 978-1-62571-843-3 Student Text Book
1576076 978-1-62571-832-7 Investigations Manual
1576055 978-1-62571-844-0 Teacher's Guide with Online Access—Printed Version
1577363 978-1-62571-865-5 Teacher Guide with Online Access—Printed Version
792-5360 978-1-58892-528-2 Equipment Kit