About Frey

About Frey

At Frey Scientific we are bringing science to life.

Frey Scientific provides you with creative solutions in science by offering innovative products and services for education. Among many other things, we offer you a wide selection of the newest products available, a full line of exciting products for Elementary, Middle and High School science education, a knowledgeable sales staff and our WOW Guarantee.

A little history...

Frey Scientific was founded in 1962 under the premise that teachers are special people, those who are charged with one of the most important jobs in our country, educating our children so that our societies may continue to flourish and grow. With that in mind Frey went on to become known as the science supplier that met the needs of those teachers focused on science and math education. Frey found that these teachers were looking for great products at reasonable prices and Frey delivered just that.

As education changed, so did Frey, expanding its offering into the traditional vocational classes and later into technology education, all the while, focusing on meeting the needs of teachers, still with great products at reasonable prices. Progressing even further, Frey then expanded its line of products into the Elementary schools, offering teachers the unique opportunity to introduce concepts to elementary students that in many cases were ignored or avoided. Frey provided simple solutions to teaching these concepts and built a loyal base of Elementary teachers that were not only customers, but provided valuable input into future product development.

As was the case with many businesses in the 1980's, Frey found itself in a position where strategic partnerships were the key to continued growth and the path that would lead to its ability to continue to provide teachers with what they needed on a daily basis. In 1987, Frey partnered with Butler Capital and forged ahead to meet the needs of its customers. By 1994, Frey had then completed a merger with Beckley Cardy, a traditional school supply company that had also developed a loyal customer base. The merger was a natural fit as both companies were completely focused on teachers and their needs. The merger produced an entirely new entity in the Beckley Cardy Group, a company that provided supplies and equipment not only to science and math teachers, but art teachers, vocational education teachers, facility managers, office personnel and early childhood facilities. Beckley Cardy was your complete, one stop shop for educational supplies and equipment.

Frey Scientific, under the Beckley Cardy 'umbrella,' continued to focus on the needs of science and math teachers around the country, employing retired teachers to provide technical support and advise in future product selection and development. The Beckley Cardy sales force was then charged with investigating the additional needs of teachers.. What more could Frey Scientific do for science and math teachers? Your input allowed Frey to continue to offer exactly what was needed to help you teach science and math.

In 1998, the Beckley Cardy Group was acquired by School Specialty, a company very similar to Beckley Cardy yet a company without a science offering. School Specialty quickly realized how important it was to maintain this offering and Frey became its own, independently operated organization as a division of School Specialty.

In 2005, School Specialty furthered its emphasis on science by acquiring Delta Education. That brought together in one division, School Specialty Science, several well-known and well-respected companies – Frey Scientific, Delta Education, CPO Science, and Neo/SCI. Together, School Specialty Science brings the best hands-on science education solutions to PreK-12 teachers, helping engage students with innovative approaches.


Today Frey Scientific continues to focus on you, the teacher, your needs in the classroom and beyond. With dedicated science specialists around the country, product managers that not only have advanced degrees in science and education but teaching experience as well and a network of classroom teachers that offer suggestions, hints and tips on a regular basis, Frey continues to seek understanding of your needs.

There is no doubt that Frey Scientific has gone through many changes over the last 40 years, but one thing has always remained constant and that is the focus on what teachers need to teach our children science and math. Teachers are the reason Frey exists and we will not stray from that fact. Frey is here for you and because of you, the teacher…the biggest influence on our society today.

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