Our Program

Engineered for inquiry

4 Big Ideas. 7 Science Practices. 1 Comprehensive Program. Enrich your AP Biology program with Neo/SCI hands-on investigations.

Inquiry-based lab activities

The seven science practices of AP Biology are seamlessly integrated into each investigation. Materials are provided for 16 or 32 students working in groups.

Student-directed experimental design

Guidance is provided for student-directed experimental design investigations that help students deepen their understanding of the concepts and processes covered. Each kit includes extra supplies specifically for these independent investigations.

In-depth teacher guide

Lab prep is made fast and easy with thorough Neo/SCI teacher resources. Features alignment to the AP Course Description; step-by-step prep and instructions; tips for teaching inquiry; safety information; relevant technology connections; and much more.

Thorough Student Materials

Give students the support they need and the freedom to extend their learning. Includes detailed background information, complete investigation materials, safety information, and independent investigation guidance.