IZAK9 in Action

The 3x3 Task

IZAK9 tasks are exceptional opportunities for teaching and learning mathematics. The open-ended investigative approach creates an environment rich in problem solving, communication, and development of math practices.

Video Introductions are in our plans for all tasks. Here, Abacus and Helix introduce the 3X3 task to students who will be involved in working with multiples of three:

Small groups of students work together to complete each task by building a wall using blocks from the IZAK9 Cube. Throughout the task, students are involved in discussions that foster higher-order thinking and help them critique their own reasoning and that of others.

Once groups have completed their wall and presented their solutions to the class, the Teacher Materials provide additional prompts designed to extend the learning. Here, students are explaining how they arrived at the product of the numbers in the top row:

As you can see, students have great opportunities to express their conceptual understanding, flexible reasoning, and their individuality as problem solvers. With IZAK9, the opportunities are endless!

This brief glimpse of one task merely scratches the surface of what IZAK9 has to offer students and teachers. As students work together to complete the tasks and practice important math skills, they are internalizing concepts and developing a positive growth mindset about mathematics. And, they are having fun!

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