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Hands-On Science for the Digital Age

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Forensic Science kit

Invite students to learn about their world with an innovative approach that makes science engaging, current, and comprehensible. Our exclusive Inquiry Investigations® program integrates hands-on activities that employ the latest lab technology with an interactive virtual lab experience—a winning combination for students and teachers alike.

Program Checklist

  • Meets national and state standards
  • Functions as a complete or supplemental lab program
  • Structured for how students learn
  • Leverages advanced technology
  • Exclusively available from Frey Scientific

Curriculum Modules

Structured for Success

Inquiry Investigations® modules are structured to engage students in problem-based science by focusing on real world challenges and solutions. Through active learning, students come to understand experimental design, observation, data interpretation, and analytical thinking.

Each module features a comprehensive Curriculum Guide, a Curriculum Resource CD-ROM, and materials for 10 groups of four students each in a handy storage center.

Program Checklist

  • Features a safe and clean virtual lab experience
  • Built around hands-on, classroom-tested activities
  • Includes assessment strategies and tools
  • Supports teachers with background, resources, and instructions
  • Contains high-quality materials for 40 students
  • Stores conveniently
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Program Overview

Forensic Science Module booklet and DVD

Structured for How Students Learn Best

Studies show that active learning is the most effective way for students to grasp science concepts, which is why hands-on activities are the centerpiece of Inquiry Investigations. Explore the latest in science—including genomics, advanced electrophoretic separation technology, biodiversity analysis, forensic DNA profile analysis and more.

Going Beyond the Traditional Lab

Inquiry Investigations hands-on activities are accompanied by virtual labs. These innovative computer-based activities, conducted on a virtual workbench, allow students to expand their knowledge through additional experiments, including some that are too dangerous or equipment-intensive to be conducted in most classrooms. As with hands-on activities, results vary from student to student, adding to the authenticity of the virtual experience.

Structured for How You Teach

Inquiry Investigations™ modules link to core science concepts, making them an ideal complement to existing curricula. Each module comprises 3–7 units (labs) that investigate major themes, and a related interactive virtual lab. A comprehensive culminating activity invites students to synthesize and apply what they’ve learned in the module. For maximum flexibility, modules and many individual kits are available separately.

The Support You Need for Excellent Outcomes

You won’t need a deep background in science to use this program—teacher support is found both in the Curriculum Guide and on the Curriculum Resource CD-ROM* that accompany each module. Support includes background information, step-by-step activity instructions, expected outcomes, teaching tips, glossaries, customizable content and assessment, and other tools designed to make you and your students successful.

Thorough Assessment Monitoring

Inquiry Investigations includes questions and answers relating to each activity, as well as suggestions for additional activities to reinforce key concepts. Test questions are available in both practice and test modes and in five styles: multiple choice, concept mapping, matching, labeling, and essays.