Physics Science Series II

Module contents

Extend physical science exploration to magnetism, forces, and sound

Students further their understanding of physical science concepts such as conservation of energy, how sound travels, and magnetic fields. They experiment with collisions, produce waveforms, and explore how pulleys work as simple machines.

In the module’s comprehensive culminating activity, students design a machine to detect counterfeit coins.

Physical Science Series II includes:

  • Investigation literature and student guide, comprehensive Curriculum Guide, and a Curriculum Resources CD-ROM with a virtual lab
  • Five units of study (labs), each with 3-6 activities (21 activities total):
    • Unit 1: Exploring Gravity
    • Unit 2: Exploring Magnetism
    • Unit 3: Exploring Sounds Waves
    • Unit 4a: Exploring Force and Motion
    • Unit 4b: Exploring Simple Machines
    • Unit 5: Comprehensive Inquiry Investigation
  • Posters on force and motion, magnetism, and sound
  • Storage cabinet with materials for 40 students in clearly labeled drawers
1013061 Complete Module with Virtual Lab
1013077 Curriculum Guide
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1306588 Refill Package
Physical Science Series II Sample Downloads
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