Physics Science Series I

Module contents

Engage students in explorations of energy, light, and electricity

Students develop a thorough understanding of concepts such as conductivity, transfer of heat, color mixing, specific heat, and the scientific method. They hone skills through activities that include using a calorimeter, classifying materials, and building a simple circuit.

The module concludes with a comprehensive culminating activity in which students design an optical instrument to determine the salt concentration of an unknown solution.

Physical Science Series I includes:

  • Investigation literature and student guide, comprehensive Curriculum Guide, and a Curriculum Resources CD-ROM with a virtual lab
  • Five units of study (labs), each with 3-6 activities (19 activities total):
    • Unit 1a: Exploring the Scientific Method
    • Unit 1b: Exploring the Science of Measurement
    • Unit 2: Exploring Heat and Energy
    • Unit 3: Exploring Light and Optics
    • Unit 4: Exploring Electricity
    • Unit 5: Comprehensive Inquiry Investigation
  • Posters on light, heat, electricity, and the scientific method
  • Storage cabinet with materials for 40 students in clearly labeled drawers
1013060 Complete Module with Virtual Lab
1013070 Curriculum Guide
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1306577 Refill Package
Physical Science Series I Sample Downloads
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