Human Biology and Health Issues

Module contents

Test the limits of the finely-tuned human machine

Hands-on activities give students a closer look at the body’s organization; human senses of touch, taste, hearing, thermo reception, and vision; simulated bloods and blood groups; food nutrient content; and how certain drugs can be delivered through the skin. They investigate kidney function and perform urinalysis on simulated urines. Students also examine health issues involving smoking and HIV transmission.

In two comprehensive culminating activities, students measure reaction time and vision range.

Human Biology and Health Issues includes:

  • Investigation literature and student guide, comprehensive Curriculum Guide, and a Curriculum Resources CD-ROM with a virtual lab
  • Four units of study (labs), each with 2-8 activities (24 activities total)
    • Unit 1: The Human Machine
    • Unit 2: Human Physiology
    • Unit 3: Human Health Issues and Disease
    • Unit 4: Comprehensive Inquiry Investigations
  • Posters on blood and the systems of the human body
  • Storage cabinet with materials for 40 students in clearly labeled drawers
1287211 Complete Module with Virtual Lab
1288882 Curriculum Guide
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1306595 Refill Package
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