Chemistry—A Closer Look at Matter

Module contents

Engage students in investigating the chemistry principles that are integral to their daily lives

Students investigate atomic structure, molecular structure, the periodic table, matter and elements. They experiment with mixtures, compounds, gases (Boyle’s gas law), chemical and physical reactions endothermic and exothermic reactions, acids, bases, salts, and oxidationreduction reactions.

In two comprehensive culminating activities, students apply what they’ve learned to demonstrate water purification and conservation of mass.

Chemistry—A Closer Look at Matter includes:

  • Investigation literature and student guide, comprehensive Curriculum Guide, and a Curriculum Resources CD-ROM with a virtual lab
  • Four units of study (labs), each with 2–10 activities (27 activities total):
    • Unit 1: Atom and Basic Molecular Structures
    • Unit 2: Physical Changes
    • Unit 3: Chemical Changes
    • Unit 4: Comprehensive Inquiry Investigations
  • Posters on the mole and the ideal gas law
  • Storage cabinet with materials for 40 students in clearly labeled drawers
1287240 Complete Module with Virtual Lab
1288885 Curriculum Guide
1288880 CD-ROM Network License
1306598 Refill Package
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