Biotechnology Applications

Module contents

Engage students with innovative applications of fundamental biotechnology principles

Hands-on activities lead students to investigate transgenic plants, bioremediate an oil spill, make cheese with a recombinantly-produced enzyme, learn to detect a gene defect, interpret a karyotype, create a pedigree, conduct Punnett square analyses, and perform gel electrophoresis to create and analyze DNA profiles.

Includes two comprehensive culminating activities in which students confirm identities through DNA profile analysis and predict the risk of exposure to SARS.

Biotechnology Applications includes:

  • Investigation literature and student guide, comprehensive Curriculum Guide, and a Curriculum Resources CD-ROM with a virtual lab
  • Four units of study (labs), each with 2-5 activities (15 activities total):
    • Unit 1: Biotechnology in Agriculture and the Environment
    • Unit 2: Biotechnology in Medicine
    • Unit 3: Biotechnology in Forensic Science
    • Unit 4: Comprehensive Inquiry Investigations
  • A poster on human genetic disorders
  • Storage cabinet with materials for 40 students in clearly labeled drawers
1278382 Complete Module with Virtual Lab
1278399 Curriculum Guide
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1306592 Refill Package
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