Individual Labs

Exploring Light and Optics Lab

Frey Scientific's exclusive Inquiry Investigations program comprises 12 modules that cover major science topics. Each module contains 3-7 labs and a virtual lab, provided on the included CD-ROM. Purchase all 12 modules for a complete program, or choose single modules to suit your needs.

Inquiry Investigations is the ideal complement to existing curricula. In addition to purchasing individual modules, you may also purchase individual kits to expand on specific topics. Structured for Flexibility Whether you need a complete science program or individual labs, there's an Inquiry Investigations® configuration for you.

Inquiry Investigations® Individual Kits

Individual kits covering many of the topics within each module are also available and include:

  • Investigation literature, teacher guide, separate student guide with copymasters
  • Teacher Resource CD-ROM:
    • Experimental results
    • Interactive animation
    • Teaching tips
    • Tutorials on subject content
    • Assessment
    • Glossary
    • Standards correlations
  • Materials for 40 students
Physical Science Series I
N1013080-018 Exploring the Scientific Method Lab $49.95
N1013082-018 Exploring the Science of Measurement Lab $74.95
N1013084-018 Exploring Heat and Energy Lab $99.95
N1013086-018 Exploring Light and Optics Lab $139.95
N1013088-018 Exploring Electricity Lab $139.95
Physical Science Series II
N1013090-018 Exploring Gravity Lab $89.95
N1013092-018 Exploring Magnetism Lab $139.95
N1013094-018 Exploring Sound Waves Lab $109.95
N1013096-018 Exploring Force and Motion Lab $139.95
N1013098-018 Exploring Simple Machines Lab $139.95
The Cellular World
N1272008-018 Exploring the Cellular World Lab $94.95
N1272082-018 A Closer Look at Cell Structure and Function Lab $68.95
N1272095-018 Learning About Osmosis and Diffusion Lab $51.95
N1272139-018 Learning About How Cells Cycle Energy Lab $52.95
N1272102-018 Learning About Mitosis Lab $79.95
N1272108-018 Learning About Meiosis Lab $88.95
N1272134-018 Exploring the Cell Cycle Lab $39.95
N1272087-018 Exploring Cell Growth Lab $45.95
Kingdoms of Life
N1287195-018 Learning About Classifying Life and Food Webs Lab $64.95
N1287196-018 Learning About Microbes–Bacteria, Fungi, and Protists Lab $89.95
N1287197-018 Learning About Plants Lab $64.95
N1287198-018 Learning About Animal Behavior Lab $49.95
N1287199-018 Learning About Field Biology—Collection, Identification and Observation Lab $99.95
Human Biology and Health Issues
N1287201-018 Learning About the Human Machine Lab $99.95
N1287202-018 Sensing the World Around Us Lab $89.95
N1287203-018 Exploring the Eye-Brain Connection Lab $99.95
N1287204-018 Learning About ABO-Rh Blood Typing Lab $49.95
N1287205-018 Learning About Food Chemistry and Nutrition Lab $59.95
N1287206-018 Learning About Transdermal Drug Delivery Lab $49.95
N1287207-018 Learning About the Effects of Smoking Lab $109.95
N1287208-018 Learning About Kidney Function Lab $59.95
N1287209-018 Learning How Viruses Travel Lab $49.95
N1287210-018 Examining Urine Lab $59.95
Genetics and Inheritance
N1282832-018 Learning About DNA Structure and Replication Lab $64.95
N1282833-018 Learning About Genes and Probability Lab $64.95
N1282834-018 Learning About Genetic Diversity Lab $139.95
N1282835-018 Learning About Genetics and Inheritance Lab $39.95
N1282836-018 Learning About Human Genome Lab $99.95
N1282837-018 Learning About Genes and Family Relations Lab $139.95
Biotechnology Techniques
N1278401-018 Learning About DNA and Biotechnology Techniques Lab $119.95
N1278406-018 Learning How to Extract DNA Lab $29.95
N1278411-018 Learning About Gel Electrophoresis Lab $39.95
N1278416-018 Learning How to Identify DNA Fragments Lab $89.95
N1278421-018 Learning About Restriction Site Mapping Lab $71.95
N1278426-018 Learning How Genes Are Turned On and Off Lab $39.95
N1298999-018 Learning About Genetic Engineering Lab $149.95
Biotechnology Applications
N1278436-018 Learning About Genetically Modified Plants Lab $29.95
N1278463-018 Learning to Make Cheese—the Biotech Way! Lab $29.95
N1278469-018 Learning About Bioremediation—Cleaning Up Oil Spills Lab $49.95
N1278474-018 Learning to Become a Genetic Detective Lab $49.95
N1278479-018 Learning to Diagnose Gene Defects Lab $79.95
N1278485-018 Learning to Solve a DNA Murder Mystery Lab $109.95
N1278490-018 Learning About Forensics and DNA Lab $99.95
N1278495-018 Learning to Detect Inheritance Patterns Lab $99.95
N1278500-018 Learning About DNA Profiling Lab $139.95
N1278505-018 Learning to Diagnose a Predisposition to a Genetic Disease Lab $139.95
N1278510-018 Learning to Analyze Plasmid DNA Lab $89.95
N1278515-018 Learning About DNA Paternity Testing Lab $129.95
Earth's Resources
N1287227-018 Learning About the Rock Cycle Lab $71.95
N1287228-018 Learning About Rocks Lab $109.95
N1287229-018 Learning About Minerals Lab $189.95
N1287230-018 Learning About Fossils Lab $169.95
N1287231-018 Learning How Minerals Got Their Color Lab $129.95
N1305661-018 How Rocks Weather Lab $49.95
N1305662-018 Supercontinent Pangaea Lab $179.95
Environmental Issues and Solutions
N1287212-018 Learning About Food Webs and Energy Pyramids Lab $59.95
N1287213-018 Learning About Predator/Prey Relationships with Owl Pellets Lab $64.95
N1287214-018 Learning How Pollution Effects Plants Lab $52.95
N1287215-018 Learning About Water Analysis Lab $109.95
N1287221-018 Learning About Water Pollutants and Purification Lab $89.95
N1287222-018 Learning About Soils and Soil Porosity Lab $179.95
N1278469-018 Learning to Bioremediate an Oil Spill Lab $49.95
N1287224-018 Learning if Landfills Really Work Lab $99.95
N1287225-018 Learning About Radiation Effects on Plants Lab $59.95
Forensic Science
N1013145-018 Fingerprinting Lab $99.95
N1013146-018 Trace Evidence Lab $129.95
N1013147-018 Simulating DNA Analysis—RFLPs Lab $139.95
N1013148-018 The Case of the Telling Blood Groups Lab $59.95
N1013149-018 Learning About Paper Lab $64.95
N1013150-018 Analyzing Writing Inks Lab $89.95
N1013151-018 The Case of the Silent Sentinel Lab $79.95
Chemistry—A Closer Look at Matter
N1287233-018 Learning About Basic Chemical Structures Lab $259.95
N1287234-018 Learning About Elements, Mixtures, and Compounds Lab $179.95
N1287235-018 Learning About Boyle’s Gas Law Lab $29.95
N1287236-018 Learning About Chemical Reactions Lab $59.95
N1287237-018 Learning About Acids, Bases, and Salts Lab $59.95
N1287238-018 Learning About Thermochemistry Lab $51.95
N1287239-018 Learning About Oxidation-Reduction Lab $51.95
E-Gel Labs
N1322886-018 Learning How to Identify DNA Fragments (2-Gel) $79.95
N1288900-018 Learning How to Identify DNA Fragments (5-Gel) $129.95
N1322887-018 Learning to Analyze Plasmid DNA (2-Gel) $89.95
N1288902-018 Learning to Analyze Plasmid DNA (5-Gel) $139.95
N1322839-018 Learning About Restriction Site Mapping (2-Gel) $79.95
N1288907-018 Learning About Restriction Site Mapping (5-Gel) $129.95
N1322869-018 Learning About DNA Profiling (2-Gel) $79.95
N1288911-018 Learning About DNA Profiling (5-Gel) $129.95
N1322888-018 Learning About DNA Paternity Testing (2-Gel) $79.95
N1288914-018 Learning About DNA Paternity Testing (5-Gel) $129.95
N1322892-018 Learning About Forensics and DNA (2-Gel) $79.95
N1288935-018 Learning About Forensics and DNA (5-Gel) $129.95
N1322893-018 Learning to Diagnose Predisposition to Genetic Disease (2-Gel) $79.95
N1288936-018 Learning to Diagnose Predisposition to Genetic Disease (5-Gel) $129.95