Curriculum Guide and Software

The Curriculum Guide: Your Program Roadmap

Module Overview

  • Objectives, concepts and skills, and vocabulary
  • Detailed inquiry-based activities
  • How to collect, organize, understand, analyze, and record data
  • Unit summary
  • Pacing chart
  • Teacher tips
  • Kit materials list

Inquiry-Based Lab Investigations

  • Objectives and time requirements
  • What you need and pre-lab prep
  • Step-by-step lab instructions
  • Safety & disposal information
  • Assessment questions
  • Extensions and challenges
  • Cross-curricular integration
  • Standards correlations

Reproducible Student Guide

  • Learning objectives
  • Complete background information
  • What you need
  • Step-by-step procedures
  • Copymasters
  • Safety and disposal information
  • Going further activities
  • Topic-related references


  • Science safety rules and MSDS
  • Science postulates
  • How to keep a laboratory notebook
  • Scientific notation
  • Equivalents, formulas, and symbols
  • Full glossary
  • Reference guide

Software screens

Curriculum Resource Software

A CD-ROM*, included with each module, contains tools and information that help students to master the programs content and skills.

Virtual Laboratory

  • Students perform investigations by manipulating equipment on their virtual workbench.
  • Full range of instructors desks; students workstations; base, wall, mobile, and specialty cabinets; and seating.
  • Electronic notebook allows recording and analyzing results.

Helpful Tutorials

  • Topic-related content features detailed illustrations.
  • Hyper-linked glossary contains key concepts and terms.
  • Dynamic multi-media tutorials and presentations are web-deliverable.

Assessment Tools

  • Test questions can be accessed in either practice or test mode.
  • Customizable tests and worksheets offer five question types—essay, multiple choice, concept map, matching, and labeling.

Teacher Resources

  • Image gallery contains printable images for customizing presentations.
  • Dynamic animations reinforce key concepts.
  • Experimental results section provides in-depth experimental data analysis. Where applicable, graphs, tables, and images are included.
  • Tips facilitate teaching each activity.

Correlations to Standards and Curricula

  • Key concepts are correlated to the National Science Education Standards (NSES).
  • Correlations to all 50 state standards are available via a website link.
  • Alignments to popular textbooks are included online.

* CD-ROM System Requirements: Windows 2000 or higher, VISTA–compatible, Mac 9.2 or higher (including OSX), 128 MB RAM. Network version available.