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iNeo/SCI™ Virtual Labs provide everything you and your students need to have a successful lab learning experience.

iNeo/SCI™ Virtual Labs provide realistic experiences of actual lab investigations that let students view, record, and analyze their results—on screen! These labs are accessible online from any internet-ready computer anytime your students need to study or you want to prep for the lesson.

iNeo/SCI™ Virtual Labs are ideal for pre-lab introduction, post-lab reinforcement, and test review. And they’re the perfect solution for labs that are not well suited to the high school laboratory. Now your students can perform labs that are messy, time-intensive, costly, or downright dangerous without the risk or expense.

A Complete Solution

Each title includes:

  • Tutorials
  • Virtual Lab Experiences
  • Assessment
  • Teacher Resources
  • Learning Management System
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Students absorb the background information they need – when they need it and at their own pace – through narrated tutorials that are amply illustrated with explanatory graphics and animations. Keywords are hyperlinked to a comprehensive glossary for easy reference.

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Virtual Lab Experiences

Realistic laboratory experiences invite students to perform every step of a laboratory investigation on the computer. They use tools, operate equipment, change variables, and view results, which they can then record and analyze. Experimental results are dynamic, so students experience the same range of variations in data as they would in an actual lab.

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Everything you need to craft meaningful assessments is now a click away. This includes a large inventory of level-appropriate exam questions—accessible in practice or test mode—and the ability to create additional questions in five styles: multiple choice, term definition, labeling, essay, or concept map.

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Teacher Resources

A rich toolkit includes graphical science content, such as still imagery and animations, which lets you customize tests, tutorials, presentations, and printable handouts. Save your creations to disk or in a web-ready format for Internet access. Related web links and a series glossary are handy references.

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