CPO Science Equipment

Tools for Active Learning

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CPO Science Link investigations are centered on exclusive, easy-to-use lab equipment that is engineered and manufactured by CPO Science, a member of the School Specialty family, in the USA. Each piece of equipment is calibrated to professional standards to yield accurate measurements and repeatable results.

Teachers can access informative setup videos for each piece of equipment at curiosityplace.com included in your Link series purchase. Save valuable prep-time by getting detailed equipment information and helpful tips up front.

  1. Every piece is hand inspected by a member of our quality assurance team
  2. Screen printed scales are placed with 0.005” tolerances for accurate, meaningful markings
  3. We use only US-manufactured, water-based, non-toxic inks and finishes
  4. Equipment is constructed from 13-layer, void-free Baltic birch cabinet-grade plywood for durability
  5. Each component is engineered for safety, precision, and accuracy
  6. Every piece of equipment is designed to be set up in two minutes or less