Middle School Earth Science

Here’s an exciting new hands-on way to provide comprehensive content introducing your students to key earth science topics, including energy, plate tectonics, weathering, earthquakes, volcanoes, and ecosystems. At the same time, you’ll be integrating important science concepts into your lessons such as heat, density, and buoyancy.

Student Textbook

Cover of Earth Science textbook

Sample page from Earth Science textbook

Landscape "one-concept" page spreads and full-color graphics enhance learning and retention.

Hardcover: 504 pages

  • Unit 1: Studying Earth Science
    • Chapter 1: Science is Everywhere
    • Chapter 2: The Science Toolbox
    • Chapter 3: Physical Science Connections
  • Unit 2: Water and Weather
    • Chapter 4: Water and the Weather Cycle
    • Chapter 5: Earth’s Atmosphere
    • Chapter 6: Weather and Climate
    • Chapter 7: Oceans
  • Unit 3: Introducing Earth
    • Chapter 8: Mapping Earth
    • Chapter 9: Earth and Time
    • Chapter 10: Inside Earth
  • Unit 4: The Changing Earth
    • Chapter 11: Plate Tectonics
    • Chapter 12: Earthquakes and Volcanoes
    • Chapter 13: Formation of Rocks
    • Chapter 14: Weathering and Erosion
  • Unit 5: Earth’s Resources
    • Chapter 15: Soil and Freshwater Resources
    • Chapter 16: Natural Resources and Conservation
  • Unit 6: Astronomy
    • Chapter 17: The Solar System
    • Chapter 18: Earth, the Moon, and the Sun
    • Chapter 19: Galaxies and the Universe

Investigation Manual

Students learn best through direct experience and discovery.
Softcover: 176 pages

  • 36 hands-on investigations (two per chapter) and 8 lab skills activities
  • Completely integrated with readings in student text and teacher’s guide
  • Students design and conduct experiments; construct and test conclusions; observe results; and gather, record, and analyze data
  • Key questions begin each investigation to focus the student on major concepts
Cover of Earth Science Investigation Manual
Page from Earth Science Investigation Manual

Teacher's Toolkit

Teacher's Guide cover, sample page, and multple CD-ROMs

The easy-to-use, inquiry-based teacher’s guide and innovative technology resources offer many practice and assessment options.

  • Teacher’s Guide
    (available with Tool Kit or separately)
    Completely integrated with student materials. Includes lesson planner, sequence and time table, and teaching tips. Provides synopsis of the student reading, review of the leading question and learning objectives. Also gives you samples of teaching scenarios, investigation data and student answers. Equipment and consumable materials list and equipment preparation.
  • Teacher Resource CD-ROM
    Student skill sheets. Color teaching tools with index. Blackline masters.
  • ExamView® Test Bank Software
    (CD-ROM and Guide Book)
  • Electronic Book
  • Lesson Organizer
  • NEW! Earth Science Interactive DVD<
    An interactive learning opportunity to expand student's understanding of difficult science concepts.

Equipment Kit

Hands-On Equipment—High-quality, specially designed solid wood equipment brings a completely new level of excitement into your classroom.


Kit Includes:

  1. Weather Tools Set
  2. Digital Meter
  3. Bathymetric Map
  4. Rocks and Minerals Set
  5. Displacement Tank
  6. Stream Table
  7. Stage
  8. Wave Demonstrator
  9. Bucket with Spigot
  10. Bridge
  11. GeoBox
  12. Cloud Chart
  13. Beaufort Wind Scale Chart
  14. Rain Gauge
  15. Spectrometer
  16. Telescope
  17. Globe
  18. Water Quality Tester Set
  19. Tree Rings and Time
  20. Density Cubes
  21. Set of 5 Magnifying Glasses
  22. Geology Color Plate Set
  23. Physics Stand and Base

Program Pricing

Middle School Earth Science
492-3460 ISBN # 978-1-58892-476-6 Student Text
492-3470 ISBN # 978-1-58892-477-3 Investigations Manual
492-3450 ISBN # 978-1-58892-478-0 Student Book Set (Includes 1 Student Text and 1 Investigations Manual)
492-3480 ISBN # 978-1-58892-479-7 Teacher's Guide
492-5340 ISBN # 978-1-58892-486-5 Teacher's Toolkit
792-5340 ISBN # 978-1-58892-530-5 Equipment Kit
592-3420 ISBN # 978-1-60431-001-6 Interactive DVD