Foundations of Physics, 2nd Edition

With the unique Foundations of Physics, Second Edition hands-on, inquiry based instructional approach, more students can understand and retain complex physics concepts.

The text and investigations connect each new concept to students' experience in the lab or real world, and present ideas in both words and illustrations.The program also combines the best attributes of conceptual and mathematical instruction as students use equations (introductory algebra level) to analyze data and solve quantitative problems. Connections in every chapter provide real world examples of science concepts.

Student Textbook

Cover of Foundations of Physics textbook

Sample page from _ textbook

Landscape "one-concept" per page, and compelling full color graphics enhance learning and retention.

Hardcover: 692 pages

  • Introduction
    • Chapter 1: The Science of Physic
  • Unit 1: Measurement and Motion
    • Chapter 2: Measurement and Units
    • Chapter 3: Position, Speed and Velocity
    • Chapter 4: Accelerated Motion in a Straight Line
  • Unit 2: Motion and Force in One Dimension
    • Chapter 5: Newton's Laws: Force and Motion
    • Chapter 6: Forces and Equilibrium
  • Unit 3: Motion and Force in 2 and 3 Dimensions
    • Chapter 7: Using Vectors:Motion and Force
    • Chapter 8: Motion in Circles
    • Chapter 9: Torque and Rotation
  • Unit 4: Energy and Momentum
    • Chapter 10: Work and Energy
    • Chapter 11: Energy Flow and Power
    • Chapter 12: Momentum
  • Unit 5: Waves and Sound
    • Chapter 13: Harmonic Motion
    • Chapter 14: Waves
    • Chapter 15: Sound
  • Unit 6: Light and Optics
    • Chapter 16: Light and Color
    • Chapter 17: Optics
    • Chapter 18: Wave Properties of Light
  • Unit 7: Electricity and Magnetism
    • Chapter 19: Electricity
    • Chapter 20: Electric Circuits and Power
    • Chapter 21: Electric Charges and Forces
    • Chapter 22: Magnetism
    • Chapter 23: Electricity and Magnetism
    • Chapter 24: Electronics
  • Unit 8: Matter and Energy
    • Chapter 25: Energy, Matter, and Atoms
    • Chapter 26: Heat Transfer
    • Chapter 27: The Physical Properties of Matter
  • Unit 9: The Atom
    • Chapter 28: Inside the Atom
    • Chapter 29: Nuclear Reactions and Radiation
    • Chapter 30: Frontiers in Physics

Investigation Manual

Students learn best through direct experience and discovery.
Softcover: 254 pages

  • 87 hands-on investigations (at least one for each student text section)
  • Completely integrated with readings in student text and teacher's guide
  • Students design and conduct experiments; construct and test conclusions; observe results; and gather, record, and analyze data
  • Key questions begin each investigation to focus the student on major concepts
Cover of Foundations of Physics Investigation Manual
Page from Foundations of Physics Investigation Manual

Teacher's Toolkit

Teacher's Guide cover, sample page, and multple CD-ROMs

The easy-to-use, inquiry-based teacher's guide and innovative technology resources offer many practice and assessment options.

  • Teacher's Guide
    (available with Tool Kit or separately)
    Completely integrated with student materials. Includes lesson planner, sequence and time table, and teaching tips. Provides synopsis of the student reading, review of the leading question and learning objectives.Also gives you samples of teaching scenarios, investigation data and student answers. Includes equipment preparation and consumable materials list.
  • Teacher Resource CD-ROM
    Includes student skill sheets, color teaching tools with index, and Blackline answer sheets.
  • ExamView® Test Bank Software
  • Multimedia Teacher Edition DVD
    (Includes Lesson Organizer)

Equipment Kit

Hands-On Equipment—High-quality, specially designed solid wood equipment brings a completely new level of excitement into your classroom.


Kit Includes:

  1. Smart Track with
  2. Energy Car
  3. Dynamic Pulleys
  4. Electric Circuits
  5. Loop Track
  6. Sound & Waves
  7. Springs & Swings
  8. Voltage Sensor
  9. Temp Sensor
  10. DataCollector w/Photogates
  11. Optics with Light & Color
  12. Circuits RC Pack
  13. Tri-Force Ring
  14. Magnetic Compass
  15. Spinner
  16. Electric Motor
  17. Tuning Fork
  18. Spring Scales (Set of 4)
  19. Marble Launcher

Program Pricing

Foundations of Physics, 2nd Edition
492-4010 ISBN # 978-1-58892-146-8 Student Book Set (Includes 1 Student Text and 1 Investigations Manual)
492-4020 ISBN # 978-1-58892-057-7 Student Text
492-4030 ISBN # 978-1-58892-058-4 Investigations Manual
492-4040 ISBN # 978-1-58892-061-4 Teacher's Guide
492-5400 ISBN # 978-1-58892-062-1 Teacher's Toolkit
792-1700 ISBN # 978-1-58892-094-2 Equipment Kit