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Data Collector

Welcome to the CPO Science DataCollector update page. Download the latest update for your CPO Science DataCollector 2 by clicking on the link below. Then, follow the instructions below to install the software update on your
DataCollector 2.

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Version 2.0b30.009, last updated 8/29/2016 6 MB Download unavailable
Data Collector 2e User's Guide 3.72 MB Download

Highlights of Version 2.0b30.009:

  • Allows users to export experiment data to USB flash drives.
  • Allows users to upload subsequent updates (versions after 2.0b29) via USB flash drives.
  • Fixes bugs related to photogates and Distance-Velocity sensors

Updating the Software

  1. You can learn which version of software is loaded on your DataCollector by pressing the Information icon on the Home Window. If a more recent version is available, download the software to your computer by clicking the DataCollector Software Update link above.
  2. Connect the CPO power adapter (included) to the power jack on the rear of the DataCollector. Plug the adapter into a standard household 120-volt electrical outlet. Press the button on the DataCollector to turn it on.
  3. Connect the black USB cable (included in your DataCollector kit) to the USB port on the rear of the DataCollector. Connect the other end of the USB cable to your computer. Your computer should automatically recognize the DataCollector as a new drive named "CPO_DC2".
  4. Drag and drop the file you downloaded in step #1 from its saved location on your computer to the "CPO_DC2" icon. The software update will automatically load onto your DataCollector.
  5. Safely remove or eject the DataCollector drive icon from your computer using whichever procedure is appropriate for your operating system, then disconnect the USB cable from the DataCollector itself. Once the USB cable is removed, the DataCollector will load the update and display the update progress on the screen.
  6. Please be sure to verify that your DataCollector has updated correctly by checking the version number listed on the info screen.
  7. Click here to download a patch for stuck updates. Please contact CPO Tech Support for assistance.
  8. Click here to download a patch to reset your DV sensor. Please be certain to contact CPO Tech Support for assistance with applying this file.

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