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School Specialty Science
Supplemental CurriculumCPO ScienceCurriculum Resource Guides and Equipment KitsGeoBox    August 29, 2016

Geobox Equipment Kit


The CPO Science GeoBox is an easy-to-use and extremely versatile resource for teaching earth and physical science concepts. The GeoBox is a transparent plastic container (14.75" x 9" x 6") with two interchangeable lids: a flat lid for topography investigations and a convection chamber lid ( with the addition of a geat source and incense) allows students to watch a convection cell develop. The GeoBox is also useful for demonstrating the water cycle, investigating the difference between the heating and cooling of land and water, studying wave speed, and much more. Three-level curriculum resource guide with investigations, reference information, assessment questions and student record sheets also available.

GeoBox CRG

GeoBox Curriculum Resource Guide
The GeoBox guide supports you in using the GeoBox, a unique-to-CPO resource for teaching topographic mapping and convection. Other topics include the water cycle, erosion, density, buoyancy, and wave speed. Levels A, B, and C

N792-1460-018 GeoBox    
N492-2460-018 Curriculum Guide    
N392-4160-018 Classroom Package (6 sets of equipment and 1 Curriculum Guide)    

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