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Supplemental CurriculumCPO ScienceCurriculum Resource Guides and Equipment KitsGears and Levers    August 27, 2016
Gears and Levers

Gears and Levers Equipment Kit


Gears and levers are among the most common and illustrative simple machines. With Gears and Levers, principles such as mechanical advantage, torque, and rotating motion are easily illustrated with practical handson examples. Ratios, angles, and the geometry of the circle become “real” to your students as they deduce the rules of how the machines they build work.

Gears and Levers includes: 4 Hardwood Gears (diameters of 10, 20, and 30 cm; 12, 24, and 36 teeth), 2 Hardwood Levers, Knobs and Mounting Hardware.

Gears and Levers CRG

Gears and Levers Curriculum Resource Guide
An excellent introduction to simple machines. Topics include: force, torque, mechanical advantage, angles, geometry, ratios, and fractions. Hands-on activities at Levels A, B, and C.

N792-1180-018 Gears and Levers    
N492-3440-018 Curriculum Guide    
N792-1186-018 Classroom Package (6 sets of equipment and 1 Curriculum Guide)    

Required Items

N792-1110-018 Physics Stand    


N792-1190-018 Additional Gears (Set of 3)    

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