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Lab Design    July 29, 2016
Lab Design Services from Frey Scientific

Reinvent your science lab for the 21st century!

Lab Planning

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Let us help you create an effective lab environment with smart planning, design, and outfitting

Turn your lab requirements into results. A professionally designed, durably furnished, and well-equipped lab facilitates student learning by optimizing workspace and storage while maximizing safety.

Successful lab design requires time, effort, and meticulous attention to detail. Frey Scientific designers deliver all the services you need to take your lab from plan to installation in a timely fashion. From the outset, you'll find our specialists attentive to your needs and knowledgeable about your challenges.

Whether you are refurbishing an existing lab or building a new one, our lab design experts help you take your lab from concept to completion. We design the layout based on your specific requirements; order and install furnishings of your choice; and provide equipment, supplies and curriculum materials. It's as easy as making one phone call.

Frey Scientific Lab Planning Brochure

Click below to get started on designing a state-of-the-art lab environment:

Request Lab Planning Info

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  • Getting Started
  • Casework and Furniture
  • Outfitting Your New Lab
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